Brainstorm. Green Needle.

If you haven't heard about the latest viral sensation that's taken the internet by storm (pardon the pun), it's worth checking out. 

It provides a wonderful insight into how our minds work and the fact that we can look for, see and experience what we want. 

Read on to understand how...

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How do we cope when for many of us there seem to be more questions than answers?

These 11 Simple Tips will help you stay as happy, balanced and as healthy as possible through COVID-19. 

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COVID-19 and the associated consequences have created unusual, unprecedented and unpredictable times. And it can be difficult to know how to stay positive.

Here are a few simple reminders to help you and your family retain a healthy state of mind.

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A big thank you to the ThreeBestRated team for their fabulous press release, 2020 Award and wonderful ongoing support.


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 Phone sessions

Clients are getting exactly the same results over the phone - and there is nothing more rewarding you could do in lockdown and isolation. 

Now could be the perfect time to overcome anxiety, fear and unwanted patterns that hold you back - all in the comfort of your own home.

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sam and lyn a higher branch

And discover how the magic of the unconscious mind works - to unlock, unblock and dissolve anxiety, fear, phobia and a lifetime of unwanted patterns...

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Discover the Secret Shortcut to Inner Peace, Happiness and Fulfilment.

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Every day I see people walk in with a diagnosis, and walk out free of it. 

Is it time to free yourself of “Anxiety”, “Panic Disorders”, “Phobias” and other unwanted labels that keep you stuck?

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Three Best Rated 2020

We are so proud to announce Harmony Hypnotherapy has once again been ranked as a Three Best Rated Hypnotherapy business this year.

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brain change

Is hypnotherapy right for you? Find out here.

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