Harmony Hypnotherapy offers a number of life-changing Workshops, which are run on a weekend afternoon, or over 6-8 consecutive weeks.

It's a delightful way to make permanent life changes, have fun and meet similarly minded people. These group sessions are much cheaper than one-on-one sessions and can generate life-changing results. 

Please find listed below our most popular Group Workshops:

  • Destress and Relaxation Workshop. Essential lifetime skills that enable you to take control of your emotions and physiology when life is challenging or stressful. All ages!
  • Achieve Your Goals. For those who feel stuck and would like to live a life that inspires them. All ages!
  • Studying Focus and Concentration. A fabulous program for teens or young people who would like to improve their study, memory and concentration skills. Popular with high schools and universities.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE. Please send us your contact details, including phone number and email address, as well as your location and the type of workshop you're interested in. We will email you with bookings, availability and keep you up to date.


These programs teach kids, teenagers and young adults how to develop lifelong skills in overcoming stress and anxiety, building inner strength and resilience, developing confidence and harnessing the ability to roll with life's punches.

They combine transformative learning techniques with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), unconscious reorientation and social ecological principles in a playful, interactive, collaborative format that also helps unite the community. 

We don't expect our kids to automatically know how to add one plus one. We teach them to read and to write. Yet somehow we expect them to just know how to develop the most important life skills and inner resources. Somehow we just expect them to know how to build cohesive communities. No wonder stress, anxiety and bullying are so rife today. Programs like these need to be in all schools and universities, on a regular basis.


We also offer incredibly innovative and effective ways to "BullyProof" your environment, whether it be schools, work or community.

Please check out our BullyProof Programs Here.