How long do the results last?

Clinical Hypnotherapy, in combination with NLP, Social Ecology and Transformative Learning, results in permanent change.

In saying that, sometimes you will be re-triggered by various circumstances and need to come back for a top-up.

For example, if you have a tendency for anxiety, you may overcome this lifetime burden through these amazing techniques, and then you could see a disturbing movie or experience a life event that triggers fear, phobia or anxiety. You can then come back for a top-up session or if necessary, a series of 3 sessions.

The wonderful thing about this holistic work is it facilitates true lifelong change. You are literally starting a new life, a new beginning. And once you achieve this realisation you never go back. However, as you dissolve major issues, smaller problems may arise - they have been overshadowed by the bigger issues previously. Then, once exposed, to your new mindset, you will want to overcome them. So an additional session or two may give you the specific skills required.

These changes literally give rise to a new day, a new beginning and a new life.

sunrise new beginning

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