I just received this wonderful video from the amazing Michael. He shares how he literally changed his life wiping out generalised anxiety, confidence, acceptance and childhood trauma issues.

He celebrates how he now loves being on camera promoting his company Pulse Charge on The Morning Show, Today Extra and Network 10 after 30 years of shaking at the thought.

Thank you Michael for this beautifully professional video and your generosity in sharing it and inspiring so many. You are the best!

Oh and by the way, Michael gave me a super cool Gravity Pulse Charger. It is awesome! 


Meet the lovely Stefan. He overcame anxiety, a lack of self belief and public speaking  instantly - amongst many other things.

He also shares how his OURA ring recorded his heart rate while he was in the session. It registered that he was in a deep restorative sleep despite the fact that he was talking and interacting with me. Plus his heart rate was also elevated from his resting pulse of around 50 - to 87 - while he was creating unconscious change. Quite incredible!

So great working with you Stefan.


The wonderful Jodie, simply glowing and feeling like a "totally different person”.

After restoring her confidence and self worth, freeing herself from anxiety and feeling stuck, opening herself to finding love, creating healthy boundaries and changing every element of her life Jodie set her beautiful soul free. Thank you Jodie for lighting up the world and sharing your incredible story!


The amazing Sean shares how he wished he’d done this work earlier in his life - he would have had a totally different life. Thanks for sharing and inspiring others Sean to do it the easy way!


The beautiful Sheri shares her incredibly inspiring story - conquering all the blocks to her ability to thrive! She explains how she let go of 50 years of trauma - through childhood, partners and self loathing.

Sheri explains how natural and effortless the changes are when we work at the unconscious mind level. Knowing, as she says "I’m not a victim, I’m not scared, (these processes have) given me back power, given me back control, through effortless wise choices that have forever changed my thoughts around mental help - I’ll never look at therapy the same way again". Thank you Sheri for the wonderful inspiration and gift that you are! 


Nathan! You literally blew me away - for the first time in my entire practice history I was speechless. From a lifetime of debilitating tic disorder - to completely tic-free in one double session! You are free! You are nothing short of amazing Nathan! This was something I'd never treated before, and I didn't know if it was treatable. You've changed your world and so many others including mine. Thank you for the gift you are.

Nathan BEFORE:


Nathan AFTER: 


The phenomenal Portia! Lost 20kg in 4 months, overcame years of depression, healed damaged relationships and ended asthma and sciatica (the asthma and sciatica we didn’t even talk about) in her first double session... all of this after 10 years of psychology.

Unbelievably inspirational Portia! Thank you so much for being so amazing! Can't wait to hear where you're going - it will be beyond spectacular! 


The wonderful Heidi celebrating a lifetime of healing, peace and transformation which manifested in unexpected additional body healing that wasn't even discussed - all in one double session. A lifetime of of holding on just gone. Simply amazing! This stuff is magical!

So excited to see where the incredible Heidi goes!


The incredible Abida completely transformed every aspect of her life and her families life. Such a beautiful love-centred soul and such an astounding inspirational woman who is now inspiring other women in the most beautiful and profound ways.

Another divine example of multi-generational healing at the deepest level imaginable. This is just the beginning beautiful Abida. I can't wait to see where you fly!


It was so wonderful to see Tim rediscover his wonderful unencumbered self. Yes, another lovely Tim. Welcome to the world Tim! You really have been reborn.

Tim is amazing - such an inspiration! He is living proof of the power of the body-mind interconnection. Following back surgery he was unable to walk on perceived slippery or sloping surfaces. Extensive neurological tests proved fruitless. Before his session, Tim felt unstable on a gentle slope.

After his first clinical treatment Tim was literally striding with a hop, skip and jump up and down a steep driveway next to the practice. It was such an incredible and emotional moment for us both - one which will always be tattoo'd in my mind. 


Wonderful Leanne shares her divine story below. She came in for a disordered eating issue of 30 years and completely healed generations of patterning that flowed on to her naturally transforming her mothering, her relationship with her children - and as a result Leanne created what I call a "generational line in the sand"... a transformation of her life but also of her children's children's lives. 

Absolutely phenomenal Leanne. Thanks so much for sharing.


It was so wonderful to see Tim rediscover his wonderful unencumbered self. Yes, another lovely Tim. Welcome to the world Tim! You really have been reborn.


Lovely Nancy below tells how she overcame a lifetime of extreme bulimia and alcoholism - decades of counselling and rehabilitation didn't work. Nancy wiped it all out in 5 sessions

What an inspiration you are Nancy - proof that we truly do not have to suffer a life sentence of addiction, rehab, medication or dis-ease when we really are ready to be free! Thanks for sharing. 


This is "S" as she would like to be known. She had the most severe arachnophobia I have ever seen. She would cross roads to avoid trees for fear of spiders.

This is a comment she made which summarises her spider phobia: "In the past, thinking about spiders, seeing a spider, or feeling web touch my skin was enough to trigger a panic attack. Never dreamed I'c choose to hold a spider in my hand!" Thanks so much for being such an inspiration S!


Watch the gorgeous Laurelin below describe how she overcame debilitating needle phobia, finger picking and anxiety, completely recalibrating her body/mind in her first double session.

She returned for 3 more sessions, having retained her changes and wanting to expand her new future in wonderful ways. Just brilliant Laurelin! Thank you for sharing.


Below the wonderful Ely who overcame a variety of extreme phobias, including inability to swallow tablets, arachnophobia, claustrophobia as well as negative "babble" and anxiety.

This video was taken 11 days after her initial double session in which she wiped out over a decade of several debilitating phobias and anxiety. So phenomenal Ely - goosebumps!


The lovely Chloe who overcame social anxiety and fears.

This video was filmed almost 2 weeks after her changes – she explains how her life changed, and how she barely remembers the way she was. You are incredible Chloe. Thanks for sharing! 


The amazing Virginie who overcame a lifetime of huge trauma, anxiety, lack of confidence, feelings of inadequacy, dysfunctional relationships and abandonment issues. All of this when years of trauma counselling had failed.

The below video was filmed after her second double session. She had been living the most incredible life changes already after her first double session. I'm just so proud of how incredibly courageous your are Virginie. Thank you for giving victims of trauma hope and the ability to set themselves free. You're such an inspiration!