Lovely Nancy below tells how she overcame a lifetime of extreme bulimia and alcoholism - within 4 clinical sessions plus an introductory session (5 sessions all up, over 2 weeks). 

What an inspiration you are Nancy - proof that we truly do not have to suffer a life sentence of addiction, rehab, medication or dis-ease when we really are ready to be free! Thanks for sharing.

Watch the gorgeous Laurelin below describe how she overcame debilitating needle phobia, finger picking and anxiety, completely recalibrating her body/mind in her first double session.

She returned for 3 more sessions, having retained her changes and wanting to expand her new future in wonderful ways. Just brilliant Laurelin! Thank you for sharing.

Below the wonderful Ely who overcame a variety of extreme phobias, including inability to swallow tablets, arachnophobia, claustrophobia and negative "babble" and anxiety.

This video was taken 11 days after her initial double session in which she wiped out over a decade of several debilitating phobias and anxiety. So phenomenal Ely - goosebumps!

The lovely Chloe who overcame social anxiety and fears.

This video was filmed almost 2 weeks after her changes – she explains how her life changed, and how she barely remembers the way she was. You are incredible Chloe. Thanks for sharing!

The amazing Virginie who overcame a lifetime of huge trauma, anxiety, lack of confidence, feelings of inadequacy, dysfunctional relationships and abandonment issues. All of this when years of trauma counselling had failed.

The below video was filmed after her second double session. She had been living the most incredible life changes already after her first double session. I'm just so proud of how incredibly courageous your are Virginie. Thank you for giving victims of trauma hope and the ability to set themselves free. You're such an inspiration!