BullyProof Programs

We have a number of programs to suit a range of communities. We can tailor-make our programs to suit your community, taking into account time and budgetary constraints.

Our BullyFree and CommunityCohesion Programs can completely transform any school, community, work or social environment.

We offer School Programs to work with infants, primary, middle and high school students. We also work with teachers and parents.

Because our programs are tailor-made and age-specific, we usually prefer to work with no more than two consecutive school year groups or age groups at once.

Our programs work brilliantly in schools, colleges and universities, especially at the beginning of transitions where a precedent needs to be set to create a positive thriving collaborative environment from the start.

Students create a cohesive community naturally if they are given the tools to do so.

Adult Programs address corporate team building, leadership, anti-bullying and workplace cohesion. We also offer domestic violence programs, addressing both perpetrators and victims, in order to facilitate an awareness of patterned behaviour, triggers and tools of behaviour that naturally generate resistance to destruction. 

Our Adult Programs Change Lives

The following informations sheets outline specific programs for school, adult and teen communities:

Lyn often works these programs with Dr. Ben-Zion Weiss. Please see THIS LINK for more information.

Please CONTACT US HERE and we can discuss the options that best suit your community needs.

Our BASIC BROCHURE provides a general summary.