What can I expect from the session(s)?

Lie back and relax

Individual sessions focus on what you would like to change or heal in your life. They are fun and relaxing. 

Please find below a summary of what you can expect.

The First Session

Your first session is usually 50 minutes long.

We start by discussing what is not working in your life right now, and how you would like it to change. Once the problem is clearly outlined, we together create your ideal solution or outcome. 

We then use a variety of techniques to create a re-alignment, balance and agreement between your unconscious and conscious mind. This is what we call the "Golden Handshake" and it's where we see significant unconscious and conscious shifts occur.

You will be given specific tools and strategies to use over the next week, which are designed to create new neurological pathways and re-align your patterns of behaviour and thinking. It is very important that you are committed to change, and that you practice these simple strategies to ensure you achieve the most powerful, effective and the quickest change possible.

The sessions will be completed with a personally tailored hypnotherapy session, where all you do is lie back and relax allowing your mind to be taken on a wonderful inward journey. You will most likely awaken feel refreshed, revitalised, or maybe extremely relaxed like you've had a wonderful sleep.

Many people notice distinct physiological changes, like a healthy glow in their face, after their clinical sessions. This is because the powerful healing process has already begun, and when you generate change within you can often literally see it reflected in the mirror.

Consecutive Sessions

90 to 110 minutes long.

Each consecutive double session moves you further forward toward your goal. We differ from more traditional forms of counselling and psychology in the fact that we avoid revisiting the "Problem State". We start the session with a summary of how your life has changed over the past week. From there, we create and use individually targeted methods that build you stronger, and overcome anything that may be blocking your progress. Every session is concluded with a wonderfully relaxing hypnosis, specifically written and formulated for you.

How many sessions will you need?

That really depends on the problem you are resolving, how long you have lived with it, and how determined you are to overcome it. 

To generate permanent unconscious shifts and to form new neurological pathways, most conditions require four to six sessions, with a minimum of three.

Many people can barely remember their main concerns by the end of this process. This is because they have changed so quickly at such a deep fundamental and unconscious level, that their conscious minds haven't caught up. Additionally, when you automatically think and act differently, without consciously thinking about it, it feels so natural that you mind actually feels like this wonderful new way of being is the way it's always been.

Where is the Practice Located?

Lyn works from two beautiful practices, one in Mosman, and one in Mona Vale.

The Mosman practice is next door to the service station on the corner of Avenue and Cowles Road, Mosman, is a gorgeous sandstone cottage. The practice is shared with Osteopaths, Massage Therapists and Counsellors. There is ample unlimited parking on Cowles Road, and on the southern side of Avenue Road.

The address is 44A Avenue Road, Mosman. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP.

A peep inside the beautiful Mosman practice:

practice photo

Lyn is currently full-time in Mosman.

The Mona Vale practice is right in the middle of Mona Vale. address is Suite 501, Level 5, 20 Bungan Lane, Mona Vale. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP.

A peep inside the beautiful Mona Vale practice:

Mona Vale practice image

Lyn also operates from and runs workshops at Qi Yoga in Manly.

A peep into one of Lyn's Workshops at the wonderful Qi Yoga:

Qi image

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