Building Connections that Really Work

Harmony Solutions is different. We offer a holistic approach to building peaceful, united, cohesive communities. We have developed breakthrough techniques that really work for bully management and prevention. And we know, through extensive research, that these pioneering methods are the only way to achieve lasting results. 

We believe the only way to create united, peaceful, thriving communities, and to overcome and manage bullying, is through teaching members of a community the value of and how to build a cohesive, inclusive environment in which all thrive.

We know how to generate self-generating, genuine, lasting connections within a community that work to prevent exclusion, isolation, and all forms of bullying and harassment.

Nobody expects children and young people to automatically know the curriculum - English, Math, Science. Why then do we expect them to automatically know how to build a thriving community environment?

We need to teach both kids and adults (because this is a skill adults have never been given) what a healthy community is. We need to show them what it looks and feels like. And then we need to motivate them to create, generate and maintain an environment in which they all succeed, blossom and flourish.

Community members of all ages become tangled in patterns and 'unspoken rules' within a group, without awareness. Our programs allow all members of a community to see what lies beneath the surface of their actions, and the results. They are then given the tools to empower better outcomes within themselves, and their environment, naturally.

Bully management and prevention comes from within a community. To be effective it needs to engage the individual. Our programs are unique, comprehensive and integrated. They address corporate communities, local communities and school communities including management, staff, leaders, kids of all ages, teachers and parents.

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Changing the world, one community at a time,

Dr. Ben Weiss and Lyn Megan Macpherson