A Higher Branch Success Academy: A Fabulous Coming Together

Sam at A Higher Branch

It has been wonderfully exciting to meet and collaborate with the brilliant Sam Makhoul who founded A Higher Branch Success Academy.

Sam has pioneered a unique and empowering program for success, happiness and fulfilment in every aspect of life. He brings together a growing global community of conscious-minded people who seek to live a holistic, balanced life through clarity, continual learning, growth and deeper human connections.

This fits the description of almost all of my very special clients, one of which introduced me to Sam.

Sam's outlook and philosophy aligns completely with mine and with my life's work. He comes from a place of goodness and authenticity and we share a passion to help enable self empowerment at a fundamental and multi-dimensional level.

I am very humbled and delighted to be one of the incredible A Higher Branch contributors, and am thrilled to be contributing at Upgrade Your Life 2021 with a group transformation session. 

Please listen to the Podcasts below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my conversation with Sam.

A higher branch podcast vodcast

How to be in control when you're out of control A Higher Branch Podcast

You can also view the Vodcast version, or listen to the Podcasts on Apple Play.

Thank you to Sam and his amazing team for their support and professionalism.

Finally, watch this space! Sam is planning some fantastic, leading edge opportunities for connection, learning and growth. I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, if I haven't seen you for a while, perhaps we can say hi at Upgrade Your Life 2023.



Sam has just published another two fabulous podcasts, where he discusses his own experience with Lyn - as well as a whole range of other fabulous topics and how the unconscious mind works to generate incredible change.

After Sam's original podcasts (above) he came to see Lyn personally, and he shares details of his experience in the below podcasts.

Conversations with Sam are always exciting, inspiring and fun to listen to.

Click on the links below to hear Sam story with Lyn, plus lots of other insights in 2022:

Podcast Part 1 A Higher Branch 2022

Podcast Part 2 A Higher Branch 2022