Confidence Building Workshop

This is a comprehensive 8 week evening workshop that equips you to "un-stick" any labels that are preventing you from discovering your true potential, discover your inner strength and power, overcome past trauma, limiting beliefs and destructive patterns of thinking or behaviour. 

It is run on a week night over two hours, once a week.

This is a great workshop for teens, as it equips them with lifelong skills in resilience and strength.

We use powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy as well as Social Ecological and Transformative Learning approaches to break through barriers you never knew you had.

The course is fun, interactive and life-changing. 

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE and when we have enough people to complete a workshop you will be the first to know. Please include your age group and suburb so we are able to include you in a group tailored to your needs.