Brainstorm - Green Needle: The Viral Auditory Illusion that Beautifully Illustrates How We Create Our Own Reality

Brainstorm. Green Needle.

If you haven't heard about the latest viral sensation that's taken the internet by storm (pardon the pun), it's worth checking out. 

It provides a wonderful insight into how our minds work and how our reality is created through our own chosen perception. What this means is the brain sees (and hears) what it's looking for - or what we're focusing on.

This is not the first time this auditory illusion has been posted. Essentially the point is, if you decide what word(s) you want to hear in the transition phase of the video, then that is the what your brain will hear. Check out the original version HERE

You can choose: to hear "brainstorm", "green needle", or even a combination of either such as "green storm". Some people report hearing all words at once.

I could not resist the opportunity to shed some light when a friend of mine sent me a TikTok video that had recently gone viral - with the same content as the original. He was intrigued and somewhat baffled - which inspired this blog.

The fascinating and marvellous thing about this simple illustration of how our minds work is the following fact:

We Create Our Interpretation or Perception of Reality! 

There is actually no more empowering thing we can know than this. And the simple video provides a brilliant insight into this fact, and into how we create our own reality through the perception of reality we choose

I often ask my clients to close their eyes and then ask them how many blue things are in the room. They usually remember one or two. Then they open their eyes, they look for blue things and are amazed at how many they missed.

Similarly, this example illustrates the fact that again, the brain sees and experiences what it looks for.

So, let's take this concept one step further. What are you likely to see, hear and experience if you focus on the following:

  • The goodness in you.
  • The special qualities in others.
  • The terrible state of the world.
  • Love - of yourself and others.
  • Your talents and abilities.
  • Helplessness.
  • Past mistakes, trauma, regret.
  • Future worry, fear, doubt.
  • The joy of life.
  • The freedom you have to choose anything you want.

Can you see the power in this simple but phenomenal understanding? 

At a deeply unconscious level, I believe one of the reasons why this video keeps going viral and why people are so intrigued by it, is because unconsciously we know it provides us with a brilliantly powerful understanding of how our mind, brain, senses and experiences are created and generated from inside out.

Sometimes, when my clients experience incredible life changes, they ask me how it's possible. They wonder if perhaps the changes they've experienced emotionally and physiologically are simply a perception. Well, my answer is the same each time: of course it's a perception, everything we experience is a perception of reality. In fact, the same reality can be perceived completely differently by different people. And our individual perception of the same reality is altered from day to day, even hour to hour, depending on a huge array of influences - such as how we are feeling emotionally or physically at the time, who we are with, the weather and an endless number of other external and internal factors.

It's for this reason that when studying the impact of new medications, or as is incredibly important in today's world - the effectiveness of a new vaccine trial, even the scientists are not aware of which trial participants are given the placebo versus the actual vaccination. This is because we know for a fact that the observer changes the observed; it's a simple undisputed fact of physics. You can read about it on the Wikipedia page here.

If you really want to explore the concept even further this recent Forbes article explains how science proves the fact that the actual act of observing reality actually changes the reality.

The increasingly popular power of the "Placebo Affect" is something science is now taking very seriously - because it's undeniably scientifically evident.

An awesome illustration of this was a recent client who we can call "John" for the purposes of anonymity. John was overwhelmingly plagued with uncontrollable eye floaters, to the point where he couldn't stop blinking, he was unable to see, speak or think clearly, and it was affecting every part of his life. It was having an impact on his ability to work, it was negatively impacting his relationships as he was unable to focus on the conversations he was having. He felt distracted and unable to control the "eye floaters" he was seeing "95% of his life". He was also struggling with a lifetime of OCD. Well, after just under 2 hours of intensive inner work, he opened his eyes and in disbelief he shared the fact that the eye floaters were gone. We went outside to test - bright light normally triggered the floaters to the extreme. They weren't there. He texted me the next day in awe of his mind and the incredible way in which his life had changed. His OCD was no longer "his" - it was something he'd simply let go. 

Well, the fact is everything John experienced was about his perception of his thoughts, his vision, his experience and his reality. The changes did not reflect a change in the world around him, but rather a change in his internal world - which in turn generated the change he experienced in interpreting the world around him.

The great news to come out of all of this is:

  • You can create any reality you want.
  • You are able to recalibrate and rewire your brain, body and internal state.
  • All choices are yours.

Disclaimer. Lyn Megan Macpherson is not a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist, and does not claim to be one. She therefore holds no legal liability for the choices of readers who are encouraged to make informed decisions and seek medical advice if required.

Lyn Macpherson
Lyn Macpherson


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