How the Unconscious Mind Works its Magic


The unconscious mind is that part of you that allows your blood to flow, your heart to beat, your organs to function in harmony. It's the part of you that breathes you, that enables your eyes to naturally blink, that heals your body if you fall over. All of these processes keep you alive and support your ability to thrive. They are extremely complex and vital to our existence - yet we are barely even aware of them occurring. 

This is the "magic" of the unconscious mind.

We accept and understand the physical aspect of how our unconscious mind works. In fact, we could even say we take it for granted every second of our lives. Yet we forget that this same part of us can heal, grow and enable us emotionally as well. In fact, when it comes to emotional wounds, the unconscious mind can resolve and dissolve lifelong trauma, patterns, blocks and fears instantly and permanently. It is actually almost impossible to believe - but when you see it happen every day time and time again it becomes impossible to deny.

A beautiful example of this was a lovely man I met last week - let's call him Alvin. Alvin had experienced a difficult childhood and a series of events had led him to coping with life in ways that were unhealthy and devastating to his happiness and wellbeing. He was suffering with addictive patterns of behaviour and when I met him he was extremely withdrawn to the point where I was barely able to hear him speak. He had lost millions to a gambling addiction and had virtually no relationships in this life. This pattern had been driving his life for over two decades.

After Alvin allowed his unconscious mind to heal the source of his underlying issues, the man who sat before me became unrecognisable. He suddenly went from a pale, quiet, huddled over shell of a man  - to a bold, upright, smiling person who literally changed colour. He had colour in his hands and face which was not there. His voice was calm, audible, clear. His eyes were wide and full of life. His remark, "Oh my God, I didn't know I could laugh and smile!" To add to this incredible transformation, when Alvin stood up to go and get his phone from his car, his limp which he'd arrived with and which he gets regular cupping therapy for had literally gone. He couldn't believe it, and was dismayed to realised his pain which he'd dealt with for years in his hip and knees had disappeared. And this was something we hadn't even discussed! His unconscious mind had fixed his physical body through healing his emotional wounds. And it was instant! He strolled to his care limp and pain free. It was beyond incredible.

Alvin texted me later that day to say he called his Dad who was in tears and said he hadn't heard his voice since he was eleven. He was in his forties. 

Magic. Yes magic. That is what the unconscious mind is. We don't understand it, but there is nothing more real. Just as we don't understand how our body breathes us, yet it is undeniable.

We underestimate the connection and interconnection between the body and mind, particularly in western culture. We underestimate the power within us to heal at multi-dimensional levels. 

Tim M., another beautiful client illustrates this point in this video recording he so generously shared. He had seen every Neurologist and specialist imaginable to address his inability to walk on surfaces he perceived to be slippery or sloping. He shares how once he cleared the emotional reasons for his physically devastating problem, he was able to literally "hop, skip and jump" down a steep driveway returning to the top in tears. You can watch Tim's story HERE.

Never underestimate the magic of the unconscious mind.

Disclaimer. Lyn Megan Macpherson is not a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist, and does not claim to be one. She therefore holds no legal liability for the choices of readers who are encouraged to make informed decisions and seek medical advice if required.

Lyn Macpherson
Lyn Macpherson


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