3 Steps to Change Your Focus, and Redirect Your Life

what we FOCUS on GROWS

This is a vital key to our happiness, and it's so simple too: Whatever we FOCUS on GROWS.

  • Focus on the good in another; the more good you'll see.
  • Focus on your successes; the more success will come your way.
  • Focus on negative thoughts, and they'll take over your life.

When we realise this simple fact, and become aware of it we are able to catch ourselves focusing in a moment, change our focus, and in turn change our direction in life - and ultimately our destination.

Follow the 3 steps below to redirect your focus, and your life.

1. Be an Observer

As much as you can over the course of a day, see if you are able to notice your focus. See if you are able to do this without critiquing your thoughts or focus, without any judgement, and without trying to change anything. Simply note your thoughts, and what you spend most of your time thinking about.

Make a few notes. You can do this on a sheet of paper, or perhaps in a diary if you keep one.

2. Look at Your Main Focuses

Notice any correlation between your main focuses and what your predominant challenges are in life. In all likelihood, you will be quite surprised at how closely your main focuses correlate to your main challenges.

Now, think about what you would like to achieve in life - your dreams, your goals. Notice how far down the track you are in achieving these dreams. Then look again at your focuses, and notice how much of your time was spent focusing on these dreams, doing things to generate these dreams. Have you, for instance, developed a step-by-step goal plan, which you work towards every day, to achieve an outcome you desire.

Notice how much of your time is overridden by the demands of others - and their focus. How much time are you losing focusing on other people's problems or goals? Are their goals part of your goals?

For example, a mother may notice a lot her time and focus being concentrated around her children - and this may suit her well because her families happiness is part of her goal.

However, you may discover you are constantly being distracted by the emotional demands of a needy friend, and regardless of how many times you give them advise their neediness is constant. In this case you may see how unnecessary distracting this is to your life, and happiness.

The point is feeding negative cycles feeds the problem. So not only are you not helping yourself by engaging in destructive emotional cycles, you are not helping the other person either - you are allowing them to feed a dysfunctional focus, by sharing it with you. Then, this is what will grow for them as well as for you.

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3. Adjust Your Focus

Now decide what your goals are - what you really want to achieve in your life - and write them down. This time, write them on a piece of cardboard, or a sheet of paper that you can keep. If you're comfortable you can place your goals on your fridge, or on a mirror in your bedroom so you are reminded of them every day.

Next, decide which goal you want to achieve first. Then write down a set of steps relating to each goal, and give yourself a timeframe for each step. You can do this on seperate sheets of paper, or perhaps in your phone notes. 

  • Make these steps your priority.
  • Ensure you are not distracted by those things that don't relate to your goals.
  • If you find yourself being distracted, go back to focusing on your goal, or step until it is achieved.
  • Once it is achieved, tick it off your list, or cross it off. And feel the pride of that.
  • If you have any time left, within your given time frame, to focus on the distractions, then allow yourself time to go there within reason - but only in the time left over. It's important to choose the most positive focuses, and avoid negative one as much as possible.
  • Once you have achieved all the steps to take you to your goal, you will have reached your goal. Then, tick off the goal and celebrate it. Really celebrate it! Go out for dinner. Do something you love doing.

It's vital that you treat yourself. Remember, what you focus on does grow, and your focus has grown your goal. Well done. When you focus on how well you've done, and what you've achieved, you will grow your achievements.

We'd love you to share your story of how changing your focus has changed your life. It really is that simple. And once you get into the habit of observing your focus, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to change your direction through your focus - and ultimately change the direction of your life.

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These simple techniques can help you change your focus if you are healthy in body and mind. However, if you suffer from more extreme anxiety or negative thoughts you may require more extensive treatment. 

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