Lyn featured in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald - How Hypnotherapy Cured My Son's Stutter

12 year old boy fear stuttering

Lyn was featured in an article published by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. The fabulous article explains how Lyn enabled her young client to overcome stuttering in just a few weeks, after 11 years of unsuccessful speech therapy.

Check out this fabulous article in the SMH and Age today, by a Mum whose son was cured of stuttering in 4 sessions with me after years of failed speech therapy.

In summary, the problem with some of the mainstream models is they can go over and over the issue, making people overthink and focus on the mechanics of their condition. And this can make the condition worse for many. Stuttering and other anxiety-driven conditions often fall into this category. 

The way Hypnotherapy differs is it takes the person into the solution instead. This can save people like stutterers years of unnecessary suffering, expense, time and medication.

The wonderful part of this process is the body and mind naturally want to be in a state of health and happiness. In fact, it’s much harder for us to stay in a state of dis-ease than it is for us to be at ease, happy and our naturally empowered self. So, once we experience that natural healthy state and we know how to stay there, there really is no going back.

Lyn Macpherson
Lyn Macpherson


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