How Hypnotherapy Cured 8 Months of Chronic Knee Pain in 1 Session

Often deep-seated emotional issues are reflected in our bodies, and until we address the underlying cause, they don’t go away.

Max is a fit man in his 30’s who injured his knee on a run. He had been to the doctor, the chiropractor, a physiotherapist, and he had tried acupuncture and even had a small surgical procedure. Nothing had worked. He explained that every time his knee seemed to begin a recovery process, it would stall and then regress. He then went on to identify a key factor in his inability to heal, “The last time I had knee pain was when I was five, and a table fell on my knee”.

So what was going on for little five-year-old Max when the table fell on his knee? Well, he was staying with his grandparents, while his mother was recovering from illness, and his grandmother was extremely domineering, and “scary”. In fact, Max explained that she’s still like that and just the thought of seeing her gives him a sick feeling in his stomach.

So, there was a massive gaping wound in Max’s life that the knee pain had triggered. To explain how this works, imagine you were assaulted in a dark tunnel. Every time you walked through any tunnel from then on, no matter how safe it was in reality, you would likely feel overwhelmed with the fear and terror associated with the attack. Well, for Max that “tunnel”, or emotional response trigger, was the knee pain – it took him back to a deep-seated unresolved wound. And his body-mind would not allow him to heal until the associated emotional wound was healed.

A number of both unconscious and conscious techniques enabled us to communicate with Max’s unconscious mind, and create a new association to the memory and experience of his grandmother. We were able to allow Max the power to override childish feelings of disempowerment with strong adult responses. We then created a new neurological pathway within Max’s mind, so that when “grandmother triggers” occurred, he no longer went into the old feelings of fear and vulnerability.

The results were nothing short of incredible. Max came back one week later, showing off his ability to stretch his leg again, pain free. He’d got back to his exercise program and he was thrilled to bits. Additionally, he saw his grandmother and no longer got that sick feeling in his stomach. In fact, to his amazement, she was the nicest she had ever been to him in his life. She was actually respectful and even a little kind.

You see, when our energy shifts, others instinctively feel it. So while we ought to focus on our response to others, as we cannot change anyone else, when we change our reactions and interactions with others, their attitudes and behaviour towards us often adjusts automatically.

When we change on reactions and interactions with others, their attitudes and behaviour towards us often adjusts automatically.

Not only did Max heal his knee, he healed a lifelong emotional wound – all in one week. He attended two more sessions to ensure the changes were permanently installed.

Never underestimate the power of unconscious work like hypnotherapy and NLP.

Lyn Megan Macpherson (M.A., M.Ed., Dip.Clin.Hyp., Dip.NLP) is Australia’s mindset expert on drug-free solutions to stress and anxiety. She specializes in empowering young people with anxiety to calmly take control of their lives. Lyn is a Double Masters qualified, award-winning Social Ecologist, Transformative Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and author. She offers both individual and group sessions to beat anxiety naturally, and to help young people develop strength, resilience and empowerment skills in order to create happy, successful and fulfilling lives, and a better world.

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