Fantastic Workshop at Qi Yoga

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Everyone had a wonderful time at our first De-Stress and Relaxation Workshop at Qi Yoga in Manly on Sunday. 

With beautiful sunshine streaming in through the windows we laughed and shared in the beautiful space provided by Qi. Then, everyone fell asleep and really would have rather not have awoken from their deep trance.

Thanks again to all the adorable people at Qi Yoga for the beautiful space!

Some comments from participants:

I became more aware of conscious and unconscious mind and techniques to deal with decision making, stress, etc. The workshop exceeded my expectations, my favourite part was the practical and the end. The hypnotherapy was 10/10.

Richard Johnson

The workshop reinforced power of the breath, gained tools to relax and understanding of how the brain works, and what issues are on my mind. I would recommend this course to others, and my favourite part was the relaxation/hypnotherapy.

Amy Seal, Yoga Instructor

I have taken away some methods to calm my mind and bring anxiety levels down. I felt the workshop was great as it is, I wouldn't change it, and I would recommend it to others. I found the hypnotherapy rejuvenating. 


The workshop gave me a set of tools to help me cope with stressful situations. I found the hypnotherapy very relaxing and calming, and would recommend this workshop to others.


I felt relaxed and refreshed. There is nothing I would improve or change about this workshop and I would recommend it to others. 

Katie Brown, Yoga Instructor

Qi Yoga image

Qi Yoga Image

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