Discover the Power of your Unconscious Mind: Turn a State of UN-EASE into an Instant Permanent State of EASE and Prevent or Heal DIS-EASE


The brilliant news is it’s much easier to be in a state of EASE than in a state of UN-EASE.

Anxiety is unnatural. It’s hard work and exhausting. 

So when you discover how easy it is to be in a state of ease, you will naturally and easily stay there.

And that is wonderful news, especially considering the fact that unresolved UN-EASE can turn into DIS-EASE.

Working with the unconscious mind is nothing short of magical. And when you think about this super powerhouse within you it’s no real surprise.

The unconscious mind enables your organs to function naturally and automatically without your conscious awareness. This part of you is what enables your heart to beat, your blood to flow, your wounds to heal. If you graze your knee, you don’t think, “come in blood, coagulate/clot, and form a scab…” – it happens automatically, without you knowing how. It all happens unconsciously. 

Well this part of you also knows how to heal you emotionally. And it desperately wants to. In fact, the sole purpose of your unconscious mind is to enable you to thrive. There is only one thing getting in its way, and that’s your conscious mind.

When you discover how to get your conscious mind out of the way, while at the same time awakening your unconscious mind, or your inner powerhouse (I tell kids this is your Wonder Woman, your Superman), then the “magic” begins.

And it Really is Magically Ingenious

  • A lifetime of anxiety can be literally forgotten.
  • Fears and phobias can be instantly and permanently cleared.
  • Unwanted urges or patterns of behaviour can be wiped out.
  • Bad memories can be erased or recalibrated.
  • Deep confidence and self expression can be restored powerfully.
  • Motivation and passion can be embodied completely.
  • Any underlying dis-comfort can be removed and replaced with peace, love and joy.

All we need to do is learn the language of the unconscious mind – and then we can unlock and harness its innate power to turn our lives around in the most incredible ways.

A variety of processes will be used in combination to awaken and “communicate” with the unconscious mind. These could include the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Anchoring techniques and a variety of other complementary modalities that are scientifically proven to rewire the brain, create pattern interrupts and change our internal state into one that enables us to thrive.

In an ABC News article (ABC News, Osborne-Crowley, 2020) published this week, Osborne-Crowley explains how the unconscious mind and EMDR helped her heal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She explains why she wished she’d accessed these processes earlier. As she says, “Once the memory has been reprocessed (unconsciously), it can be stored away as something in the patient’s past…”.

Years of suffering can be avoided when we know how to work with the unconscious mind.

This is the Ultimate Shortcut to Inner Peace and Happiness

  • It doesn’t take months or years. It happens in a few sessions, sometimes just three or four.
  • It isn’t hard work, it’s incredibly easy.
  • It’s fun as the unconscious mind is wonderfully playful.

Read written testimonials/stories HEREhow people transformed their lives.

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ABC News. Osborne-Crowley, L. (2020) The Latest Trauma Research Gives Me Hope Other Sexual Assault Survivors Can Heal Better Than Me. Downloaded 18/2/2020 from

Lyn Macpherson
Lyn Macpherson


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