Fantastic Session with 14-16 year old teenagers at the RYPEN Conference

We ran a wonderfully inspiring two hour program for RYPEN (The Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, in Redfern, Sydney over the weekend.

The feedback was wonderful, with many feeling the program was life-changing.

Titled, AWAKENING YOUR INNER STRENGTH AND POWER, we focused on some of the profound learning in The TRUTH, and workshopped it through art, games, drama and role play.

Together we discovered how we are all interconnected, how we are in essence pure life energy, limitless and free, and how we can become lost in the labels we choose to allow to stick on us - and then take over us.

WE ALL had so much fun!  Thanks to a brilliant group of kids!!!


Harmony Solutions
Harmony Solutions


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