Over the Phone Therapy Proving Just as Effective as Face-to-Face Sessions - Create Wonderful New Beginnings in Lockdown

During COVID-19 I have been forced to conduct sessions over the phone or online for those clients who are keen to create their new life now.

At first I felt a little sceptical - can this work as well as in person? I have conducted over the phone sessions for interstate and overseas clients before which have proven successful, but generally I have chosen to see people in person if at all possible because I like to have control over the environment.

To my pleasant surprise, having done weeks of these phone sessions now, I have found clients are getting exactly the same incredible life-changing results.

This is really exciting news because people can take this opportunity to break unwanted patterns of behaviour and dissolve anxiety, fears or blocks that are keeping them stuck or holding them back - all in the comfort of their own home.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to do in lockdown and a perfect isolation opportunity.

I have found screens seem to interrupt the connection required between my clients and I. They are also not conducive to generating a relaxed state. For this reason, I'm doing phone sessions for clinical work. Most of the processes require clients to have their eyes closed anyway, so they don't need to see me. In fact, what I've found is when one of the senses is shut off and undistracted (in this case sight) it can actually enhance the other senses - which supports the work.

There are a few issues that require processes involving personal interaction, and those clients will be encouraged to wait until face-to-face practice restrictions are lifted. 

For all other sessions to be effective, the following requirements are imperative:

  • A comfortable, warm, quiet space where you will not be interrupted for the duration of your session.
  • Good quality ear pieces, or even better noise cancelling headphones to block out any outside or surrounding noises.
  • An environment which is safe for you to fall asleep in.
  • A piece of paper and pen.
  • A glass of water.
  • Tissues.

And that's it, you're ready to change your life and create wonderful new beginnings from the comfort of your home.

Lyn Macpherson
Lyn Macpherson


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