How Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Transformative Learning Psychotherapy Can Change Your Life.

Welcome to the wonderful world of change through combining Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transformative Learning principles to help you transform your life.

You will:

  • Overcome anxiety.
  • Be able to cope with stress.
  • Manage and prevent panic attacks.
  • Overcome social fears and anxiety.
  • Notice an increase in self-confidence.
  • Stop any destructive habits you no longer desire.
  • Be able to overcome post traumatic stress (PTSD) and childhood trauma.
  • Forge new, healthy relationships.
  • Overcome fears and phobias.
  • Be much more relaxed, and able to face life's challenges more readily.
  • Control pain.
  • Improve sports performance.
  • Lose weight and keep it off without pills, diets or surgery.
  • Enhance studying and learning skills.
  • Become driven and motivated.
  • Automatically make better decisions and choices.
  • Achieve your goals.

These skills, once learnt and programmed into your mind through the creation of new neurological pathways, will remain with you for life. Therefore this is a life-changing experience. You never go back to the way you were. We work both consciously and unconsciously to create permanent shifts in thinking and behaviour.

The wonderful thing about your treatment is that much of it happens at a deeply subconscious level. You will be given simple exercises to drives shifts, and this works automatically to create a natural shift into the empowered you you've always wanted to be.

The unconscious mind, which wants you to thrive, is essentially the engine room of your existence - it's what enables you to breathe without thinking, and it's what keeps your organs working in perfect harmony together each and every day. The problem is the conscious mind sometimes gets in the way.

Alternatively your unconscious mind may have developed what seems to be a protection strategy many years ago, often early in your life, which in reality doesn't work. In fact, these unconscious reactions to life can often go unnoticed to us consciously until we begin to notice destructive patterns recurring. This happens because without us realising it, our unconscious mind acts on auto-pilot, thinking it is protecting us by triggering a destructive response or action.

The solution lies in generating an agreement between the unconscious and conscious mind. This balance can be referred to as the "Golden Handshake".

Carl Jung quote image

This is where the empowered you, just beneath the surface of your thinking mind, is set free. It's where your conscious and unconscious minds agree to overcome any blocks or barriers in order to empower you.

Last but not least, this process is holistic. It heals you at so many different levels, Change happens naturally, easily and automatically and often people will notice fundamental shifts in areas of their life that are totally unrelated to what they are treated for. This is because when you create balance and harmony in your body and mind, both consciously and unconsciously, you empower your whole self.


Clinical Hypnotherapy, when combined with NLP and an understanding of how the human mind transforms learning, is an extremely powerful tool. It is our belief that it is sadly unrecognised for the transformative effects it holds in the hands of an appropriately qualified practitioner. To find out even more, you can read The Grass is Greener with Hypnotherapy HERE.

Please check out this great article by Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. independently researched, about the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy.

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