What exactly is trance, and what can I expect when I'm in trance?

Trance is actually a normal, every day state of being. When we drive our car, watch a movie, engage in a deep conversation or listen to music we are in a form of trance.

Hypnotherapy is used to enable people to enter into a dream type state, where they are in their own world. This allows us to talk to the unconscious mind, without the conscious mind getting in the way. In other words, we override what we call the "critical factor".

Here are a few facts regarding trance:

  • You decide how deep you go - it's simply a matter of choice. 
  • You will be able to wake up at any point and be fully alert if you need to be.
  • You are always in control.
  • Your unconscious mind will not allow you to do or feel anything the goes against your core value system.
  • Trance is simply a very relaxed state of being, in which you can generate wonderful change and restoration. It can be compared to a deep form of meditation or the dream state.
  • 20 minutes of deep trance is equivalent to 4 hours of restorative sleep. And most of us are lucky to get that in one week!
  • You can never do or feel anything "wrong".