How Hypnotherapy Works

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Psychiatry and Psychology certainly have their place in our world, however Hypnotherapy works very differently to these more mainstream methods and therefore can be much more effective for certain issues.

Often we subliminally and unknowingly take on certain patterns of behaviour, which act like a rudder in our life. This ingrained patterning can settle into our unconscious mind when we are small children, and then continue to direct our behaviour and choices consciously and at every level. We wake up one day, and notice that we continue to make "the same choices" even when we deliberately try to choose better ones: we land up in similar relationships, we eat a poor diet, we attract unfulfilling people over and over again, we quit one addiction only to replace it with another.

I often use the metaphor of an iceberg to explain the conscious and unconscious mind. Simply put, the conscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg - it represents what lies above the surface of our unconscious mind. The rest of the iceberg, 90% of it, represents the unconscious mind - of which we consciously know very little. However, because this is drives our thinking and our being, and comprises of the majority of our mind, unless we effect change at this level we cannot really get very far in terms of resolving driving issues that work beneath the surface of our thinking. 

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The reason why Clinical Hypnotherapy is so effective and efficient when combined with conscious modalities, is because most of the time we don't even need to address the unconscious programming. Instead we build new neurological pathways in the brain, strengthening them with every session, until we perceive an altered and automatic new pathway in the client.


Consider a well-worn pathway through the bush - one that you would automatically take because it's been established for a long time. It's easy, the natural route. Now consider that pathway taking you somewhere you really don't want to go. You land up somewhere familiar, but unwanted, each and every time you take that familiar route, but you can't seem to figure out another pathway. The bush feels too overwhelming and wild. And besides, each and every time you try to create a new route, you seem to land up on the old one eventually. Sound familiar? Well, if it does, that's because our brains work this way. Our neurological pathways are like bush tracks. And hypnotherapy allows us to unconsciously change those pathways, in order to land up where we desire. The beauty of this is with hypnotherapy, it all happens subliminally. The changes occur so naturally that we hardly have to try consciously. A properly trained clinician will use Clinical Hypnotherapy in combination with conscious in-session work and exercises that you consciously practice to align you with you unconscious re-programming and this is where the magic happens - this is how the brain is literally re-wired. New patterns are formed and old ones literally grow over, and are forgotten.

In fact, the outcomes are so transformative at such a deeply subliminal level, that most of our clients cannot believe their old patterns of behaviour even existed. When reminded of what brought them to us in the first place, for example anxiety they rated at 10 out of 10, they will often look back in shock with a, "oh, wow, I forgot I ever had that". This occurs even after two or three sessions. Depending on how deeply ingrained a pattern is, and how committed you are to create change, the rate at which change occurs can be nothing short of astounding.

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To break an addiction or habit takes 3 days. And to change an old mind patterning takes a minimum of 3 weeks. For this reason, we highly recommend a minimum of 3 weeks in order to break a cycle and create a new one. We have provided a special 3 Session Package Price for this reason. 

People who have very deeply ingrained patterning often choose two consecutive 3 session deals. And others discover they would like to address other issues after they have resolved their first issue. Again, we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to break each cycle, although you will find that results overlap, and as your mind and body take on a healing, healthy focus, you feel so much better at every level. Hypnotherapy works very holistically.