Teen Programs

Our Teen Workshops and Programs are nothing short of life-changing for most teenagers.

Teenagers learn vital life skills that enable them to address life's challenges and deal with anxiety and stress. They will learn how to change their own physiology and how to create a "pattern interrupt" when they experience destructive thoughts or feelings. They also learn how to care for their body and mind, including the value of healthy choices around sleep, diet and social media. 

This program is a wonderful preventative measure for parents and schools who wish to address teen anxiety and depression at a root level, before it becomes too big an issue.

The aim is to equip young people with invaluable life skills and resilience in order to liberate them. The program offers a powerful, creative, collaborative Workshop-style learning in which teens and young people are able to shed any limiting sense of self they may have developed, and build a deep desire to create good in themselves and the world around them.

The influence of todays Social Media, video games, YouTube and media in general can be quite hazardous to the emotional well-being of teenagers. They often feel disconnected and socially isolated despite their online associations. For this reason the teen programs are especially beneficial at a critical time in a young person's life. Young people learn how to truly engage. They connect in real ways that are lasting and genuine. In fact, often teens leave the program feeling part of a dynamic, inclusive, constructive peer group for the first time in their lives.  

We believe our Teen Programs are the Future For Us All.

“What an amazing and transformational speaker! I witnessed Lyn Macpherson engage with forty-five fourteen to sixteen year olds, in a wonderfully inclusive and creative workshop, which enabled them to understand their inner strength and power. Lyn is able to move thinking from “impossible” to “I’m possible”. Feedback from young people and team leaders was simply outstanding and she was the highlight of the conference!”

Jill Kelly, Camp Director, RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment)

“I believe it gave me a greater understanding of life.

Program Participant

Not only did this give me a chance to make some great friends, but also helped me to improve my confidence, and allowed me to see new opportunities.”

Program Participant

It has defiantly changed my view on life of not second guessing your self and going with what feels right in a situation that benefits your self and whom ever you are working with.”

Program Participant


Tailor-Made Teen Programs

We can address specific concerns and issues within any given community and design Programs that address individual requirements. 

Any community, any environment, can be peaceful and powerfully united when you engage and empower the essence of each individual to thrive.