A few extra comments from some of Lyn's clients:



GOAL: Driving Phobia, Confidence, More Ambition in Life (I achieved all of this plus much more in 3 weeks).

Here is a summary of my changes:

  • Driving phobia went from a 9/10 to a 0/10. Went from stiff, heart pounding anxiety to loving driving. Driving day and night, feel free.
  • Menopause symptoms went from a 9/10 to a 1/10. Went from bad flushes every day to no real flushes – and stopped medication.
  • Depression went from a 10/10 to a 0/10. Feeling of groundhog day to feeling alive.
  • Panic attacks went from a 8/10 to a 0/10. Went from every day to nothing.
  • More energy.
  • No aches.
  • Less headaches.
  • Sleeping better.
  • Don’t worry about my past or bad experiences with people anymore.
  • More keen to drive out of my comfort zone.
  • I don’t need to rely on anyone to pick me up or drop me off to places. I’m free!
  • More comfortable in my own space and skin.
  • More confident around people and in myself.
  • More in control of my feelings and towards other people.
  • Positive, happier, passion, motivated, express my feelings in a calm way.
  • Feeling free, lifted, positive energy, jumping up and down, glowing, blossoming, sunshine, peace within.
  • Less tired, connecting with my body.
  • Just want to do it!
  • Let negative people out, not draining me.
  • Less anxiety, more calm.
  • I can help others when needed now.
  • Rebirth of life.

Liscia framed her achievements and keeps them next to her bed:

Liscia, 44, mother

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My name is Caitlin; I am 17 years old in my last year of high school and struggle with anxiety and the motivation for school/school work. I had three separate sessions with Lyn and the people I am surrounded by and myself have seen major differences in the way I act and my perspective and motivation since these sessions. 

Lyn’s level of professionalism combines with her overwhelming sense of calm and comfort to provide an experience that would prove a benefitting experience for all types of people. The before process in the session was never too long and always straight to the point of talking of ways you have improved since the last visit and what is going to be focused on in that days session. Her understanding of the client is impeccable as is her ability to turn that understanding into realistic changes that the client is able to make in their lives. For example, I was given new things to eat for breakfast including scrambled eggs for protein so that I don’t snack during the school day. This request was realistic, easy to fit into schedules and not costly in the slightest and has helped me start my day a lot better than my previous routine. The changes she provides may be subtle but they do wonderful positive things and her extensive research into the benefits of what she is suggesting to you gives you all the more confidence in the change itself. 

Her hypnosis work is truly extraordinary as she knows just how to bring the right level of calm to the environment to have you opening up to her work without the slightest feeling of vulnerability. I have walked away with more improvements in anxiety with Lyn than multiple other professionals I have seen and that wasn’t even our main focus for the sessions. As far as motivation I am a lot better than prior to seeing Lyn and am seeing more and more improvements as I work through my year. I would recommend to anyone that they see Lyn for various problems with school, mindset, mental health issues etc., as I am 100% confident in her work, her work ethic, the work itself and care for the clients she possesses.

Caitlin, 17, high school student

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Since undergoing hypnotherapy I have been more positive and less stressed in general.

I feel far more clearheaded, less fuzzy and confused, I am clear about goals that I’m working towards in my future and feel far more confident in general. 

I have resolved a number of issues including getting closure with my ex-husband, and purchasing another car.

I find my day to day life to be more organised and realistic.

I am being treated with more respect by men. I am setting boundaries and not entering into behaviour that is detrimental to me emotionally or physically.

I have reduced my chocolate/sugar intake quite considerably and am eating regular healthy meals and feel at peace in this area of my life. My body feels calmer.

I am endeavouring to keep my word and not enter into unrealistic commitments.

I am now migrating towards a committed and lasting relationship – I have more acceptance of myself physically and more realistic goals for a partner. I am clear on what I need in a relationship and what makes me feel safe, confident, productive and happy.

I am not spending money frivolously and I am not really thinking about shopping or spending money. I am saving and working towards specific goals to achieve.

My relationship with my eldest daughter is clean, and I am endeavouring to draw closer with time.

My relationship with my younger daughter is challenging but I am learning to activate helpful actions without feeling burdened and worried. I am actively practising kindness generosity and caring, also planning specific times for quality time and intimate conversation.   I am now visualising both my daughters happy peaceful and confident navigating life with strong skills and being treated with love and respect.

I am visualising all 3 of us with loving partners, financial freedom and able to pursue our passions and dreams.

I don’t feel shame about any particular area of my life – I feel it is changing and progressing, no longer stuck.

I no longer feel sad about my age, my body, my past decisions and my financial situation.   I still feel abit sad about my younger daughter but I also know it is changing and I feel quite a lot of hope now.   It no longer feels like a dark endless tunnel with no hope in sight.

I have a clear vision of how to lead and guide her and what the actual issues are and have put some actions in place.

I no longer feel alone in my struggles.

I no longer focus on all my imperfections – particularly on my body and face. I have more acceptance and know that I am so much more than my body. I am also looking for a deeper relationship than just someone who only sees me skin deep but can appreciate everything about me, so I don’t feel as much pressure to be physically perfect.

I am now punctual about 70% of the time and improving. Previous to hypnotherapy I really struggled to be punctual and had a lot of anxiety and fear of anger around this issue in my life.

I now feel excited to talk, play and sing in front of people, I also feel more in control of my choices when and where and how I decide to do this. I feel more in touch with what I feel comfortable with and know not to place myself in situations that aren’t right for me.

I feel more confident in group situations and no longer unheard or invisible.

My memory no longer feels cluttered, I am excited to exercise it and see exactly how easy it is for me to memorise and remember, particularly with music and study related projects.

I feel free, clear and excited for the future. 

In summary, I have achieved my goals to overcome my fears, gain confidence and feel at peace, and specifically I achieved:

    • Overcame stage anxiety
    • Resolution of past regrets
    • Less self-conscious/critical of body
    • Clearheaded
    • Far less anxious
    • Confident in gig situations
    • Moving towards committed relationship
    • Good relationship with both daughters
    • Managing finances more effectively and working towards specific goals
    • Drinking more water
    • Eating healthy regularly

I have greatly benefited from hypnotherapy and would highly recommend to anyone suffering from similar issues.

Jaymai, 53, Musician and Entrepreneur

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 GOAL: Overcome anxiety and negative thinking.

In 4 weeks I have achieved:

  • I was on a stress level of 7/10 and now the stress is almost non-existent.
  • I’ve learnt to not think about negative thoughts, let them just pass by.
  • I’ve learnt to relax and have had no panic attacks.
  • I’ve been sleeping better (going to bed earlier).
  • I had assessments and wasn’t as stressed as normal. I even achieved my best mark.
  • I’ve been feeling happier and am more calm and relaxed.

Oliver, 17, HSC student

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I am a woman in my 40's and my goal with Lyn was to achieve: “Self Acceptance, Calm and the Ability to Be Real”.

In 4 sessions over 5 weeks I achieved all my goal objectives.

My results have been the following:

Ability to be calm:

  • Make thoughtful decisions.
  • Accept situations I can’t change, and problem solve.
  • No more stress/anxiety and no more defensiveness at work.

Ability to be real:

  • Ownership of my decisions.
  • Fear of not knowing changed to a love of learning.
  • No longer trying to be the person I think others want.
  • Speak my mind and enjoy sharing my thoughts.

Self acceptance/self nurturing:

  • Understanding of me, and recognition of my needs.
  • Acceptance of my relationship with family (of origin).
  • Ability to create and enjoy moments.
  • Stronger relationship with husband and children.

Kayleigh, 43, Marketing Director

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What an amazing experience and benefit from this amazing lady. The support you offer backs up all the therapeutic benefits and your warm and kind nature made me feel at ease and able to face my difficult moments. Highly recommended to help with issues real and deep within the sub-conscience. Thank you for all your amazing help and techniques.

Georgia, 48, federal officer

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(In three sessions I) removed concerns regarding dealing with project stakeholders (authority figures) which opened up a whole new realm of opportunities to improve my leadership.

Removed blocks to playing guitar for others (in progress).

Removed barriers in general regarding talking to others.

Favourite part of the treatment: Deep state of hypnosis - bliss!

The sessions met and exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend this treatment to others.

Dave, 56, corporate manager

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Initially feeling so debilitated with worry, feeling very sick in the mornings, sometimes lasting all day. Anxiety went from a 9/10 to a 0/10. I have always as long as I can remember had a need to worry otherwise something might go wrong if I didn't, that is now non-existent. Initially had a debilitating fear of losing the family house, this is not true now and I can logically think through things whereas before it was an illogical jumble in my head - gone now. Relationship co-dependence has significantly reduced which is a relief. My favourite part of the treatment was the lying on the couch bit - trance is beautiful. 

Anne, 36, mother of 3 and nurse

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GOAL: Confident Learner

In 3 sessions of hypnotherapy (with Lyn) and 2 weeks, I:

  • Became more relaxed in general.
  • Became more focused during studying and answering questions.
  • Improved confidence in (exam question) answers.
  • Became more motivated to do work.
  • Became more motivated at the gym - push to limits.
  • Had longer lasting energy - better sleep and a better diet.
  • Started listening to my body and responding - sleep/rest, activity, stretching.
  • Used tapping and breathing to overcome blocks more quickly.
  • Used self-hypnosis to relieve pain from muscle soreness.
  • Found it easier to recall information - stats, quotes.
  • Attitude towards social situations (friends) back to normal.
  • Achieved all my goals in 2 weeks - and my family sensed it.

Alex, 17, HSC Student (in her final weeks of school)

Please note: Alex achieved an outstanding ATAR.

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We took our 10yr old daughter to see Lyn for some help with nail biting and anxiety around falling asleep at night. We couldn't believe the changes we saw, even after the first session, the nail biting ceased and the sleep issues disappeared but along with that she really came out of her shell and became more alive, it was as if Lyn awakened the real her. 

Months later she is a relaxed, happy and confident child who has an abundance of self esteem and can handle anything that life throws at her. Our daughter got so much more out of the sessions than just solutions to the initial problems, she really is like a different person and we couldn't be happier with the results. 
Sue (mother of 2) regarding her 10 year old daughter

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I came in to work on my self confidence and it has improved so much! I don't feel like I have to hide in my little shell anymore because I am confident in the person I have become through 3 sessions with Lyn. 

Anisa, 18, student

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In 6 sessions with Lyn my IBS and anxiety have dramatically decreased. The therapy exceeded my expectations.

Max, 14, student

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I benefited greatly through 3 sessions with Lyn. I feel less anxious and know how to combat stress. I have stopped picking at my fingers, which I was doing constantly before. I feel more confidence in myself and feel sure of my actions. Instead of thinking about things that I can't do because of my spinal surgery, I have been sure of my choice to have it and enjoyed the things that I can do. I am fully in control of my emotions and know that I can choose in what way I react to things. I am excited about the future now, rather than fearful of the unknown. My favourite part of the treatment was noticing the changes in my life.

"Calm and Collected", 16, student

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My daughter bit for several years her fingernails and the skin surrounding it. I felt really helpless toward the problem. Then we met Lyn Macpherson. Only 3 sessions helped my daughter to not only stop this bad habit but also to address the issues behind the biting. Amazing. We have the highest regard towards Lyn.

Mother of 16 year-old "Calm and Collected"

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(In three sessions I) removed concerns regarding dealing with project stakeholders (authority figures) which opened up a whole new realm of opportunities to improve my leadership.

Removed blocks to playing guitar for others (in progress).

Removed barriers in general regarding talking to others.

Favourite part of the treatment: Deep state of hypnosis - bliss!

The sessions met and exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend this treatment to others.

Dave, 56, Corporate Manager

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The main reason for treatment: smoking, drinking, stressing, sleeping poorly, mood/anger issues.

Summary of my results after 3 sessions:

  • Stopped smoking.
  • Stopped drinking.
  • Sleeping better.
  • Becoming better at dealing with anger.

The therapy exceeded my expectations. Favourite part: Hypnotherapy at the end of the session.

"Quiet Well!", 40, Self Employed, Father of 2

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The main reason for treatment: severe anxiety, hot sweats (menopause), trying to solve others' problems.

Summary of my results after 1 session:

  • Underlying issues resolved.
  • More decisive, finding it easier to deflect others' problems that belong to them - not me.
  • If I don't look after myself I will not be able to look after my family and friends.
  • Anxiety has reduced greatly.
  • Sleeping has improved due to night sweats decreasing.
  • Empowering my children to make their own decisions.

The therapy exceeded my expectations. My favourite part was it concentrated on me personally - not my situation, but gave me ways to empower me. Also the practical exercises to take away.

The Deep Sleep and Relaxation CD helped with falling off to sleep.

D.G., 51, Mother of 3, Senior Government Official

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My teenage daughter has been suffering stress and anxiety for some time now.  After many weeks of hoping it would resolve itself we finally visited our GP and were horrified when medication was one of the first options offered.  As far as her father and I were concerned drugs should be a last resort and we set about looking at a range of options available to us.

When reading about hypnosis and NLP, I was reminded of an article I had recently read here on Northern Beaches Mums by Lyn Megan Macpherson (Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Teens and Young Adults) and it simply felt l like we’d found our answer.  My daughter tested hypnotherapy a couple of years ago for some minor stage fright issues and it was a massive success so when I mentioned this to her she was 100% onboard.

On our first visit to Lyn, my daughter was literally shaking with fear in the waiting room. She couldn’t speak and was pale and quiet.  2 hours later, she emerged bright eyed and smiling and ready to tackle the world.  She didn’t stop talking the whole way home, she was so excited and said she just felt like the world had been lifted from her shoulders.

Over the following days, my husband and I were amazed that the teen who’d retreated to her bedroom, and only ever spoke to her younger sister when she absolutely had too, was happily, of her own accord, choosing to spend time with us as a family..and her normally ignored sister actually said “I feel like I got my sister back”.

Over the 3 weeks of treatment with Lyn, my daughter’s attitude to life continued to lift before our eyes.  She grew in confidence each visit and happily shared that she felt “amazing” and now she can’t even really remember how bad she had actually been feeling just a few weeks ago.

Another massive side benefit which we hadn’t really expected was that after the first session, our daughter announced to us that she needed more sleep (as if we’d NEVER told her that lol) …and I’m happy to report that she now takes herself off to bed at a much more suitable time…with the result that a happy smiling girl emerges in the morning and not the zombie like being we’d all been so used to.

We know that this is just the start of a journey for our daughter and she does too, but she now has the tools to continue on the right path and she feels so empowered.

All this positive change in just 3 sessions with Lyn.  We could not be more happy with the results.  A massive thank you Lyn for not just giving our daughter peace and happiness but for re uniting our family unit.

Mother of anxious 15 year-old

This review was published on the Northern Beaches Mums Website. You can read it here.

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I stopped stuttering in 3 weeks. I used to stutter every day for 9 years and I used to have a lot of anxiety but now I don't it used to be 10/10 and now it's 2/10. I used to be afraid of ordering at cafe's and restaurants but now I can order without being afraid. I used to have a lot of blocked speech and it used to happen about 30 times a day and now I only get about one or two blocked speech a day. And I don't get scared in drama anymore. And now I feel heaps more confident in sports and speeches. Favourite part of the therapy: going to sleep because it made me really relaxed and feel better. The Deep Sleep and Relaxation CD makes me sleep very fast and it makes me have a good sleep.

DV, 12, student

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I have achieved a great deal in life and have had a very interesting and diverse life, possibly a part of it in the past that had a lot of sadness around it. Lyn has enabled me to find this out myself though allowing my mind to find its true place and understanding of my true self

Smoking was a way out and to remove myself from the situation. This has to change and leave my life forever because it serves me no purpose any more. (This is the realization I concluded though Lyn’s methods of introducing self-discovery and prompting me to find my own way of upstanding were I am)

Life is good and through hypo therapy I realized this is really old baggage the true XXXXXXX(me ) needs to say goodbye to the past experiences and see the new ones that I have been so blessed with and been very successful with .

The CD is also useful and I have started using it not enough but the tape is very well done and I find it to be very useful. 

Jenny, 54, Manager