Rebuilding Integrity

Bullying is a bit like a virus. If you allow the less alarming or less obvious "symptoms" of a bullying culture to go unnoticed, this culture will spread, insidiously, until you suddenly feel like it's come from nowhere and it's out of control.

The good news is rebuilding the integrity of a community, and wiping out the bullying culture, is not as complicated or overwhelming as you may imagine.

It simply needs to be addressed, and from there comprehensive, consistent steps need to be taken to change what we call the "hidden curriculum" - the unspoken rules, the sense of what's acceptable and what isn't, the sense of meaning and purpose amongst members of a community.

Harmony Solutions uses creative techniques to rebuild the integrity of community. We use creative, imaginative, drama, art and role play methods, amongst others, and have found that these processes are less threatening to members of a community than traditional methods. They also engage people at a heart level, and when it comes to bullying we are dealing with a matter of the heart. It is not an academic process, but rather an emotional, holistic process that develops a shared focus or purpose amongst those in a community. 

Our programs are engaging, fun, enlightening and speak to people at various levels. We also aim to equip community leaders to continue the programs we have introduced and eradicate elements that we know destroy the integrity of community. 

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Building bully proof communities with you,

Dr. Ben Weiss and Lyn Megan Macpherson