Here are some valuable links that we feel may be helpful:

    • Please download or print a summarised BROCHURE which provides a brief overview of what we do.  

    • Our CHAPTER SUBMISSION for the No.2 Bullying Conference.

    • Ben's THESIS on the effectiveness of using this approach.
    • The Truth by AD Infinitum is a new BOOK we consider well worth reading as it explains how communities work and how to build peace at both an individual and collective level. It overrides all social, religious and cultural divides, and we feel it would be a great tool to distribute amongst those in your community, in particular parents and teachers. If you would like to do this, please CONTACT US and we can help organise a discounted price.
    • Social Ecology Sydney is a great BLOG by Ben-Zion Weiss, which provides a deep insight into, and understanding, of Social Ecology. 
    • Ben's BOOK, The Creativity Revolution, addresses the value of creativity in promoting and building peace, community and unity. It provides valuable tools, ideas and techniques for parents, teachers and presenters wishing to engage learners in creative ways. Another great resource to distribute amongst those in your community. Please CONTACT US and we can help organise a discounted price.
    • The powerful 4 minute VIDEO below about the covert bullying that, when unnoticed, underpins and generates a toxic community.

  • The moving three minute video below exposes how instinctively unnatural it is for boys to hit or hurt girls.