Rewire Your Brain and Never Look Back

Overcome fear, phobias and limiting beliefs through the magic of combining Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Transformative Learning and Social Ecological techniques.

The human brain is a complex mechanism, and none of us really understand fully how it works. Brain specialists teach us about the plasticity of the brain and its remarkable ability to reform itself, to the point where someone with half their brain missing may still be able to function relatively normally. 

An easy way to understand this work is consider that pathways, or patterns of behaviour, can form within the brain at a completely unconscious level. These patterns or pathways then drive behaviour without us even thinking about it - in fact it can feel like the behaviour drives us.

This is what happens with limiting thoughts, beliefs or patterns of behaviour, inexplicable fears, phobias, compulsive worrying, anxiety, or anxiety-related issues like unhealthy habits such as nail biting, scratching, hair pulling, poor health, fitness and eating choices.

Someone who has a driving phobia, for example, will feel like they have no control over their response to driving. And actually they are right, to an extent, because consciously they really don't have much control. An unconscious patterning has formed in their brain, and consciously they may not even remember the moment the phobia was created. This patterning then feels like an uncontrollable response to a trigger - in this case, the trigger being the driving.

The same sort of neurological pathways can be triggered to generate countless other unwanted patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour. Social anxiety, public speaking, bad habits such as smoking or excessive drinking and compulsive behaviour such as restlessness or skin picking can result when these patterns are not cleared. 

And the truth is they cannot be cleared consciously - because the conscious mind has no awareness of the root cause.

These are phobia unconscious mechanisms, which need to be addressed unconsciously. This is where the magic and Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP come into play. They can be used to virtually trick the brain into disassociating with an unwanted or dysfunctional unconscious pathway or patterning. 

Because the unconscious mind wants you to thrive, and knows exactly how to do this, the results are absolutely magical. Despite the changes being life transforming, they happen naturally, without you even feeling like you're trying. 

These changes are permanent. Much like the way in which a caterpillar enters the inner space within their cocoon, transcending their existence into that of the butterfly, this transformation is permanent. Once you can fly you will never crawl again.

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