Happy Kids Thrive

Kids, like adults, achieve great results and thrive as individuals when they are happy.

We are all most happy when we feel connected to and part of a community that holds at its core a meaningful sense of belonging and purpose.

Through a constructive sense of belonging and purpose, kids, like all people, develop a sense of meaning to their lives. According to extensive research, this "sense of meaning" is what determines our ability to thrive.

Victor Frankl, who was a holocaust survivor, and who has spent years researching what gives people the will to live, and to succeed, or thrive, sums it up beautifully here:

Striving to find meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man.

Victor Frankl

When kids are not given a clear sense of belonging and purpose within their community, they feel lost - because they have lost their sense of meaning. Then they begin to create meaning in their own way, and with the influence of current society, media and technology, that "meaning" is often divisive, violent, narcissistic and destructive.

Therefore, to enable kids to thrive we need to instil a healthy, constructive sense of purpose and belonging in them, and in their community. This enables them to blossom - emotionally, physically and academically - as individuals and as a "team".

“It has changed how I can cope to different stressful situations, how confidence can change my actions and beliefs, how I shouldn't label myself or others, how all of our friends or people we meet can be distant family, how you should get to know people more and become more understanding.”

Program Participant

“It surely made me more open to the world and accept who I am

Program Participant


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Changing the future, one child at a time,

Dr. Ben Weiss and Lyn Megan Macpherson