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Based in Mosman and the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Harmony Hypnotherapy® uses innovative, ground-breaking techniques to provide profound permanent life-changing results.


Lyn is a Double Masters qualified, award winning Government Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Programmer, Psychotherapist, Social Ecologist and published Author.


Results are astounding, lasting and transformative.



"My mission is to support, guide and strengthen all individuals in their healing, transformation or positive journey of change by creating opportunities for them to unlock and harness their inner strength and power."  

Lyn Megan Macpherson 


Specialist in providing a drug-free, effective, permanent alternative to anxiety and depression giving you control of your life.  



"I have walked away with more improvements in anxiety with Lyn than multiple other professionals I have seen and that wasn’t even our main focus for the sessions. I would recommend to anyone that they see Lyn for various problems with school, mindset, mental health issues etc., as I am 100% confident in her work, her work ethic, the work itself and care for the clients she possesses." Caitlin S., Sydney

"What an amazing experience and benefit from this amazing lady. The support you offer backs up all the therapeutic benefits and your warm and kind nature made me feel at ease and able to face my difficult moments. Highly recommended to help with issues real and deep within the sub-conscience. Thank you for all your amazing help and techniques." Georgia Gatoula, Sydney

 Harmony Hypnotherapy® has been credited as a ThreeBestRated Hypnotherapy Business for 6 years running.

Thank you to the brilliant team at ThreeBestRated for your wonderful support you provide.