Adult Programs

We offer a broad array of Adult Programs to cater for every community need. 

Since Harmony Solutions began we have received a great deal of interest in Adult Programs and Workshops, primarily designed to promote peaceful, united, cohesive communities. Our team building programs are suitable to the government and corporate arena, and our fun, collaborative community building programs are a ideal for a variety of community orientated groups including local councils, charities, mental health and anti-bullying groups as well as healing and wellness centres.

Our research, processes and philosophy work in every environment and any community or setting. For this reason we can create and facilitate tailor made Programs and Workshops to suit the specific needs of a corporation or community. 

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“I really liked how she (Lyn) equaled us all as being connected by an invisible “energy” or life source. One action affects another in a never ending cycle.

Program Participant

I LOVED being able to be myself knowing that everyone else there was just like me that gave me confidence in being able to be my self in more situations and taking control of what is done more often. ABOUT US.”

Program Participant

Below are some of our popular Adult Programs: 

Corporate Cohesion

Our Corporate Cohesion Workshops address bullying and all forms of social, emotional and sexual harassment in the workplace. We bring those in a corporate setting together using Social Ecology principles, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and powerfully creative techniques.

We know that once a community forms a common sense of purpose and belonging, and once they together form a "language and behaviour" that facilitates this belonging and purpose, workplace bullying becomes intolerable.

What is amazing about our Corporate Programs is they self-create, self-generate empowering staff to create the environment they thrive in. Business then thrives as a result because team members build one another, and in doing so build the goals and aspirations of the organisation. When members of any community feel valued and important to others in that community, they are happier, more productive and more committed to what the end goal or purpose. Most organisations recognise their staff as the backbone to a successful business, so Corporate Cohesion Programs provide a valuable investment into their future success.

Perpetrators of Domestic Violence Programs

We offer a number of specialised programs that effectively help perpetrators address why they violate. They are able to understand how to recognise triggers and where these triggers come from, allowing them to regain power over their urges to take violent action.

Victims of Domestic Violence

We also offer specially designed programs for victims of Domestic Violence which help them to recognise ways to protect themselves and others in domestic violence situations. We use imaginative and creative techniques that allow victims of violence to see patterns of their own behaviour that excuse or return to violent partners.

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Creating, inspiring, empowering,

Dr. Ben Weiss and Lyn Megan Macpherson